Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Do You Charge For A Service?

    Nothing!  Zippo!  Bupkis!  Nada!  Zero!  Diddly Skat!  Zilch!  You get the idea...but if not here goes:

    Everything We Do Is Free...a Service to Others 

    How's that?!

    The Van Martins do not charge a fee to come and minister to your church or group.  We ask for a Love Offering or donation to help cover the costs of travel and the maintenance of equipment necessary for the ministry, but we're not in it for the financial gain.  We come if we're called.

  • How Long Is A Service?

    It depends on what you want us to do, but we can tailor a performance to your needs.  Traditionally, a service is 60-to-75 minutes long.
  • What Kind Of Music Do You Sing?

    The Van Martins deliver a diverse worship style that ranges from traditional and well-known to southern-gospel to contemporary; all are songs that most folks will recognize and sing along with. The tempo is upbeat and uplifting, while the sound is richer and fuller through songs sung in three-part harmony. Intermixed with songs, is participation from the congregation, testimony and thoughts, and maybe a song or two from the Van Martin children.
  • Do You Need Any Equipment To Sing At My Church?

    No.  The Van Martins have been blessed with their own sound equipment and will make arrangements with you to setup the day before the event.
  • What If We Don't Like the Singing?

    Blame the pianist...we do.
  • Can We Blame The Pianist?


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