Four+ Families - Together in Ministry

Because there are fourteen people who actively participate in The Van Martins ministry, we're always being asked who belongs to whom, whose children are they, etc., so we thought we'd help you out. Just in case you were wondering are the families that make up The Van Martins.

The Van Martins - Van Volkenburgh Family

Van Volkenburgh Family

Currently, the Van Volkenburgh family is made up of (left-to-right) Andrew, Ron, Susan, and James. Although James is off to college most of the year, he joins us as a photographer and videographer when he can. In 2013, our daughter, Ashley graduated college, got married, and moved out of the area, so she is unable to participate in The Van Martins as our High Tenor and Violinist, but is actively involved in her church as a leader.

Note: The "Van" in The Van Martins is borrowed from the Van Volkenburgh's name.

The Van Martins - Martin Family

Martin Family

The Martin family is made up of (left-to-right) Davin, Abbie, Amanda, and Brendan. As an active family of four, this family provides us our drummer and lead singer, by way of Davin and Amanda. Abbie and Brendan both participate in The Van Martin Children's group as singer and drummer. Davin and Amanda have both been actively involved in church as leaders.

Note: The "Martin" in The Van Martins is borrowed from the Martin's name.

The Van Martins - Huckaby Family

Huckaby Family

The Huckaby family is made up of (left-to-right) Wayne and Carol. As grandparents, as well as being great Uncle and Aunt, Wayne and Carol warm your heart and make you feel like you've known them forever. Wayne is our Bass singer and Carol takes care of the kids, helps serve others at our sales and promotions table, and develops strong relationships with those we come across in our travels. A nicer and more ministry-oriented couple, you will have trouble finding!

Note: "Huckaby" is not contained in The Van Martins name, primarily because the name was already formed by the time Wayne joined us. Also, we thought "The Van Martinby's" or "The Van Huckamartins" sounded a bit funny.

The Van Martins - Allaire Family

Allaire Family

The Allaire family is made up of (left-to-right) Chris, Annabelle, Karon, and Faith. This young family fulfills four very important roles within The Van Martins - Chris is our sound engineer. He's the guy that has the responsibility for not only making the singers and musicians sound good, as well as balanced, but makes sure all of our equipment is handled correctly and accounted for when leaving a church. Karon is our Sales and Promotions Manager and is the one who has complete responsibility for our table and the products on the table. While both Chris and Karon each work "behind the scenes", rest assured we're all very happy they fill those roles for us and do them extremely well. Annabelle sings for us and it seems there isn't a song she doesn't know. When the mood catches Faith, she joins the girls on stage to sing. Both girls are a joy to watch and listen to.

Note: "Allaire" is not contained in The Van Martins name either. Again, the name was given to us at a time we were singing without sound. Also, we thought "The Vanlaire Martinby's" or "The Van Allairehuckamartins" sounded a bit funny too.

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