The Van Martins - Ron Van Volkenburgh, Susan Van Volkenburgh, Wayne Huckaby, and Amanda Martin
Left-to- Right: Ron Van Volkenburgh, Susan Van Volkenburgh, Wayne Huckaby, and Amanda Martin

Let us introduce ourselves:

The Van Martins Singers

The Van Martins - Amanda MartinAmanda Martin - Lead Soprano: Amanda has a voice like an angel and while her music can move people to tears, her passion is teaching children, second to that is her hobby of scrapbooking. Although Amanda sang in her college choir and has a trained voice, it was at Hurst Church of the Nazarene where she started singing on a regular basis; first with specials and then as lead Soprano for the praise and worship team.

The Van Martins - Ron Van VolkenburghRon Van Volkenburgh - Tenor and Pianist: Ron only began singing when the ministry formed as a way to fill the gap to complete four part harmony.  Even though he had participated in music in one form or another for many years in a variety of different churches, he never sang.  It was only when the group came together as a ministry and Ron decided that he was being asked to give more of himself that he actually opened his mouth for something other than a smart-crack of humor every now-and-then.  Now we can't get him to quit talking!

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The Van Martins - Susan Van VolkenburghSusan Van Volkenburgh - Alto: Susan sings Alto for the group and has a confirmed impact on the sound of the lead Soprano when the two sing duets. She is an avid student of biblical history and a rock for the group in terms of her knowledge. She is currently using this knowledge to write a historical fiction series called Trilogy of Kings, which she hopes to "get published sometime in her lifetime". In addition, she has just released her new book about her father who died on September 11, 2001, when Flight 77 was deliberately crashed into the Pentagon.

The Van Martins - Wayne HuckabyWayne Huckaby - Bass: The first time The Van Martins got to sing with Wayne was the Friday after their first performance at Westridge Church of the Nazarene in Fort Worth, Texas. They cranked the volume on his microphone a bit and each song he sang made the stage vibrate beneath their feet. Their sound technicians, in the back, also felt the rumble of the floor in response to his deep voice. He made an awesome first impression. The latest addition to The Van Martins, Wayne truly rounds out the group by providing the fullness of his voice for a true four-part harmony experience. As someone who is always upbeat and laughing, he freely offers the addition of his voice and personality to the group as well as others with a true servant's heart.

The Van Martins Children

Proverbs 22:6 says to "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." The Van Martins children are encouraged, coached, and given the opportunity to participate in the ministry and serve others. As a solid foundation of Belief and Service in their lives, The Van Martins know this will help shape who each child becomes and provide a path for them to continue as they grow older.

The Van Martins - Abbie Martin, Annabelle Allaire, and Faith AllaireAbbie Martin, Annabelle Allaire, and Faith Allaire (top-to-bottom): The youngest of The Van Martins group, these girls are a power-house when it comes time to sing. Delighting audiences and congregations alike, these three are always up to bringing a song. The Van Martins - Andrew Van VolkenburghThey're also three of the groups most precious singers as their angelic voices enrich each service with their songs.

Andrew Van Volkenburgh: While Andrew has moved on from singing, he's grown old enough now to begin branching out and exploring and has found that he enjoys serving in the ministry better, when not the focus of what's currently going on up front. So...we've asked him to take pictures and video for us so that we can use that media content on our Facebook and YouTube channels. He has a servant's heart and does a terrific job of connecting with others. The Van Martins - Andrew Van Volkenburgh

Brendan Martin: Like Andrew, Brendan has gotten to that age where he has started exploring other opportunities in the ministry, using his other talents. So...Brendan now plays the drums for the girls and every now-and-then throws in with a funny one-line addition to their song.  He too has a servant's heart, does a terrific job on the drums and most importantly, is serving others in the name of his Heavenly Father.

The Van Martins Musicians

The Van Martins - Ron Van VolkenburghRon Van Volkenburgh - Pianist: Ron has been playing piano since he was five years old. As a small child practicing was boring and didn't make for a fun way to spend time, but he did what he was told.  As he grew older, he started making his dissatisfaction more known by complaining about practicing, recitals, playing in church, etc. By age 14, his mother (who is also an accomplished pianist and now a retired piano teacher) succumbed to Ron's constant complaints of practicing and, much to her dismay, allowed him to quit. It wasn't long until he went back to the piano and picked up where he left off; this time, however, the choice was his own. He has since been active in church building as a musician and music minister and now enjoys practicing and preparing to lay down some serious notes while serving in ministry.

The Van Martins - Davin MartinDavin Martin - Drummer: While Davin has been traveling with The Van Martins since the ministry started, they have now added his skills as a drummer to the ministry after much prayer and discussion. He first started out using a Cajon and we were excited about the additional sound he brought us. In early 2013, we were afforded the opportunity to play at a very beautiful church in Abilene, where Davin was able to play their electronic drums, and oh how the sound improved over-and-beyond our wildest imagine! So after getting back home, our next stop was to purchase drums for Davin to use and have been enjoying them ever since.

Just as everyone else has who is serving in The Van Martins ministry, Davin has a passion to serve the Lord and others. The Van Martins are truly blessed to have his skill and expertise as one of our newest additions to the . We'd like to take the opportunity to introduce you to him. His name is Davin, is married to our Sopranist, Amanda, and we know you'll enjoy hearing the addition of the sound he brings as much as we do.

Acoustic and Bass Guitar:

Currently searching for a new guitar player to fill the role of bass and acoustic guitar player. If interested, contact Ron at

The Van Martins Crew

We told you there were 14 of us, but with any organization, it takes a whole team of people supporting The Van Martins to bring this ministry to others. The Van Martins Ministry would not be able to accomplish their mission without this very talented team of folks behind the scenes, who work tirelessly to make sure The Van Martins have what they need, so everyone can focus on the needs of those they're ministering to.

The Van Martins - Karon Allaire Karon Allaire - Sales and Promotions Manager: As The Van Martin ministry continues to grow, we want folks everywhere they visit to have the opportunity to invest in His Kingdom and Karon does a terrific job of handling products that support the ministry. Her expertise in this area allows The Van Martins to completely focus on serving the congregation and pastor, while she helps folks with CD's, T-shirts, jewelry, books, and other material that support The Van Martin's ministry.

The Van Martins - Chris Allaire Chris Allaire - Chief Sound Engineer: Chris graciously volunteers to make sure The Van Martins are not only heard, but that the experience is rich and vibrant too. Although he was an active supporter of The Van Martins since incepton, through traveling with, setting up, and tearing down the equipment for each performance, he now supports the ministry through his constant "tweaking" of the sound, supervision, and management of the equipment. Chris has a servant's heart and truly exemplifies the Spirit in which he serves.

The Van Martins - James Van Volkenburgh James Van Volkenburgh - Videographer/Performance Photographer: While James can hold a tune, as well as play a "mean" piano, he feels his calling is behind-the-scenes as and currently fills the role of Videographer. He coordinates all of the video and media presentations for The Van Martins at which he does a great job. Still only a teenager, James is spiritually deep in his thoughts and actions. He has a heart which completely fills his chest, and has a fondness for the little ones. Alot of the video found on YouTube and other outlets, as well as images found throughout The Van Martin's website is a direct result of Jame's efforts.

The Van Martins - Carol Huckaby Carol Huckaby - Outreach and Hospitality: Better half to our Bass singer, Wayne, Carol just seems to know what to do and when to do it, without anyone ever asking her. She is kind and compassionate and an immediate friend to anyone she speaks to. She's also one of our "kid wranglers". Yes, when you travel with five little "ankle biters", someone has to head 'em up and point them in the right direction and she does an awesome job making sure their excitement keeps to a minimum before, during, and after service.

Shannon Berlinger - Professional Media Photographer: What can we say about Shannon?! We were first introduced to Shannon through Carol Huckaby and have we been having fun?! Shannon is a small town Texas girl with a big personality and her life has been touched by many and inspired by most. She is a woman of God, blessed by all He has given, and excited to see what He has planned for her future. Read more...

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