The Van Martins - Get Our CDI've Been Changed

"I am loving every song on the CD!! So powerful & the kids sweet voices are precious!! I can't wait to share it!! "Shannon

We've wrapped up recording in the studio and mastered the CD, Photos have now all been shot and corrected, design of all the graphics for packaging are complete, and the final step is sending to the production company to mass produce.

I've Been Changed is the the name of their 2012 project and second album and not only speaks to their ministry as it has evolved since starting, but speaks to the transition all Christians experience after accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. Building this relationship, walking in the light, serving others...the Van Martins acknowledge this critical step in their beliefs and are excited to announce that their latest album, which carries this title as a banner of their faith, has now been released.

The cost of the CD is $15.00, plus $3.00 S&H, if you want it shipped, or come to where they're singing and save yourself the cost of shipping.

If you are unable to attend one of the scheduled performances near you and would like a CD shipped to you, please call them directly at 817-427-8755, send us an email, or order online.

Checks and major credit cards are accepted.

Contact us today!

In His Service!

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The Van Martins - 2012 CD I've Been Changed

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