The Van Martins are musical ministry evangelists...

...made up of a group of believers brought together by the transforming grace of Jesus Christ. With backgrounds in the church that stretch back to early childhood, the Van Martins share the abiding love of God by caring for one another, and reaching into their neighborhoods, their region and the world with the Good News of salvation. Led for many years as a worship and praise team by Ron, the Van Martins are musical evangelists, to their very core, who bring God's word to people in every situation, from all walks of life, helping them to grow in love and service to our Creator and Lord.


The Van Martins Ministries
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P.O. Box 541
Keller, TX 76244

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Phone: 817-427-8755

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"The concert was great! I was thinking while ya'll were singing that God ALWAYS answers prayer. We may not understand why Amanda's voice wasn't healed immediately or didn't even return during the concert, but we can have confidence that God was pleased. We were obedient in anointing her with oil and God answered in the way in which He would receive the most glory." Esther

"I am loving every song on the CD!! So powerful & the kids sweet voices are precious!! I can't wait to share it!!" Shannon

"You have a sound that at times is reminiscent of one of the classic gospel groups of all time - The Chuck Wagon Gang. They were legendary for their precise singing. You have a wonderful group and I know any church that invites you to come will benefit greatly from your ministry." Dr. Toler

"Sweet Ones: How humbling and sweet your kind words. We all "Thank You" from the bottom of our hearts. BUT, really we are the ones that received the blessing. Soooo when we have ones like ya'll that are hungry and desirous of having a ministry that is all about Jesus and not about themselves, WOW it is so wonderful." Jubil Heirs

"The flow of the service was perfect. I love seeing the children having a part in the service. The theme also was ever present. You were there to lead us in praise and you did a wonderful job..the Spirit was present. The Van Martins were a blessing and I am sure you will continue to be for years to come!!" Susan

"Y’all were so professional sounding, obviously well planned, antidotes were touching and appropriate. Kids were so cute - a good addition. Davin’s story was very good - I always love a good story. You are on your way and I can say I was there when it started!" Nancy
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We understand that you may not know who The Van Martins are or what we are ministry is, so let us introduce ourselves...through the letters we've received from those who do know us, as well as other information.

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